LandscapeCard FAQ

Though we have FAQ questions answered on our Features and How To pages, these particular FAQ questions are especially important to understanding LandscapeCard.

  • I don't understand why I need LandscapeCard when I already have a great website that I've put a lot of money into. My website has similar features LandscapeCard, so why shouldn't I just invite people to pin my own website to their homescreens instead of using LandscapeCard?

    If you have a feature-rich website that has similar functionality to LandscapeCard, then by all means, have people pin it to their smartphone homescreens. That said, we designed LandscapeCard to function more like an "app" than a website. It is very "to the point" and has a stronger focus on the business process (of hiring a landscaper) and less of a focus on spotlighting your company as your website should do.

    In fact, your LandscapeCard account is designed to function as an extension of your website - not as a replacement for it.

  • Why isn't LandscapeCard free like Facebook or other social media networks?

    Social media networks are NOT free! You voluntarily give up your profile information for them to sell to marketing companies so that they can push "relevant advertising" to your account or email. We don't do that.

    There is not a single advertiser who pays us to provide you with LandscapeCard in exchange for us giving them your data.

  • How does LandscapeCard compare to digital business card products like OneCard and Haystack?

    We don't compare ourselves to them at all. Though "digital business cards" are a great idea, they are primarily designed for business-to-business networking. LandscapeCard is intended to be used with you CUSTOMERS and PROSPECTS as a customer service tool. Think of LandscapeCard as a cross-between a digital business card and a virtual sales desk that is specific to landscaping companies. Nothing says you can't use both for different reasons!

  • Why can't I just have people like my Facebook business page and follow me there instead of using LandscapeCard?

    A Facebook business page is a different kind of product with a different intent. It is essentially a news feed system that allows you to author content that can be shared. It is intended to be shared with people who opt-in to receive your news and information. However, Facebook business pages are not ideal for processing new business. And though there are billions of Facebook accounts online, many of your "friends" and "followers" on Facebook may not even live in your area which means they would never hire you. Additionally, many people who have Facebook accounts don't use them on regular basis even if they are on your "friends" list.

    LandscapeCard is less of a social tool and more of a "virtual desk" that has the singular intent of functioning as a gateway for you receive new business. Whereas Facebook is filled with distractions and "noise" from hundreds of other people and businesses trying to push their thoughts and ideas on you all at the same time, LandscapeCard is strictly about you and your business. It simply makes it easier for people to do business with you.

  • Why isn't LandscapeCard a downloadable and installable mobile app like Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter?

    There are few reasons why. First, LandscapeCard works within a browser. It doesn't matter if that browser is on your smartphone, tablet, or PC. It also doesn't matter what operating system someone is using. It could be Windows, iOS, Unix, or Linux. It works everywhere.

    There are still people out there who use "feature phones" that would not access to download Android, Window, or iOS mobile apps. There are also people out there who prefer to use their PCs as opposed to their phones when ordering things or surfing online. We have to consider them all.

    Also, the vast majority of smartphones are still in the 16GB storage range which mean only about 14GB is free for storing photos and apps. People are constantly deleting apps they don't use on a daily basis to make room for new ones. Since mobile web browsers cannot be deleted, and LandscapeCard works within the browser, then it stands to reason that your LandscapeCard quick-launch icon is LESS likely to be deleted to make room for other installable mobile apps. In other words, people will be more likely to keep it on their homescreens.

    Lastly, mobile apps that you can get from Google Play or Apple Store are built to access to features of your smartphone. They need "permissions" to utilize the functionality of your smartphone and its data (such as your contacts or camera). LandscapeCard does not need access to those things, so there is simply no reason to create a mobile app just for the sake of doing it. Not everything that happens on a smartphone or tablet requires a mobile app. Sometimes, everything works just fine from within a mobile web browser.

  • I send email newsletters to my existing clients. If LandscapeCard functions as a "newsletter alternative" as you say, then should I stop sending my newsletters?

    Absolutely not. Keep sending them if them. Your newsletters are about YOU and my contain different content than LandscapeCard Lawn & Garden tips that refer back to your LandscapeCard account.

    If you are already sending newsletters, then LandscapeCard will supplement your program with additional content that keeps your landscaping company "top-of-mind" with consumers. Remember that your LandscapeCard is also intended to be pinned to smartphone homescreens by people who ARE NOT clients of yours and who HAVE NOT subscribed to your email newsletters. It's another "angle" and "approach" to helping you acquire new clients after which time you can start sending your email newsletter to THEM.

    However, if you are not already sending email newsletters, then your LandscapeCard account is a sufficient alternative.

  • I need more sales. Period - end of story. How is LandscapeCard going to get me more sales?

    The best feature of LandscapeCard is that it is shareable with anyone. We have a very specific strategy to help you get more sales, and it starts with smartphone and tablet homescreens.

    When you hand out brochures and business cards, people who don't need your services right away have a tendency to throw those things away (yes, it's a fact). However, if they can stay "connected" to you through a virtual sales desk such as LandscapeCard (from their homescreen), then the chances of them sending you some business dramatically increases because you are just "one tap" away.

    There are a whole lot of marketing-related buzz words and phrases we can use in an attempt to describe why our concept works, but it boils down to just this: IF YOU MAKE IT EASY FOR PEOPLE TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU, THEN THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

Our Concept In A Nutshell

Smartphone homescreens are where people keep direct links to services that they want to have access to at any given time - even if they don't need those service today. The same concept applies to your landscaping business. By having a quick-launch icon to your LandscapeCard pinned to smartphone homescreens, people can gain immediate and instant access to communicate with you, interact with your business, view and print documents, order something from you, refer business to you, and much more.

Make it easy for people to do business with you - instead of having to search for random landscaping businesses in Google - if you already exist on their homescreens. We want your company to be just as much of a service-oriented company as their banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, and other services people rely on.