LandscapeCard Features

Your LandscapeCard modernizes the way you market your lawn care and landscaping business. As your "virtual sales desk" that's designed to be pinned to smartphone homescreens, it will dramatically increase the efficiency and ease by which you generate new leads, acquire sales, and build your brand reputation. All you have to do is share it with everyone you know and meet. Once you do, your business will always be just "one tap" away should someone need to order something from you or send referrals to you.


LandscapeCard is designed to be easy to use. Features and content are easily found and accessible without having to read too much, click too much, or scroll around. Perfect for smartphone homescreens.


Having your LandscapeCard pinned to smartphone homescreens is like having a sales desk right on someone's phone. It increases the efficiency and speed which people do business with you. It also makes sure that people always remember you and can get in touch quickly should they need something.


Make your relevant documents and files available for residential and commercial clients to download and print 24/7.


Integrated forms help you to receive a variety of input from visitors. Included is a job order form, satisfaction survey form, and referral form. Forms can be customized to your company's particular needs, and new forms can be added upon request for a small fee.


Anyone using your LandscapeCard can simply "Subscribe" to any discussion thread within your account and receive emailed updates about new posts and replies. The LandscapeCard team manages a primary news / consumer education thread while you have the ability to post your own news and learning material in a separate discussion thread.


Every LandscapeCard includes various "guides" that provide information about pests, plants, and various other things that are relevant to lawn, turf, and garden management. As we grow, so do the guides.



Integrated sharing tools allow you to share your LandcapeCard via text, email, and social media services.


Your LandscapeCard can easily be embedded - with full functionality - in other websites such as a real estate agent's website or even your own website. Easily accomplished by simply copying some "code" and pasting it into a website page. See below.

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • Can people order services from me through my LandscapeCard?

    Yes. All orders are sent to the email address that you provide.

  • How do I start getting people to pin my LandscapeCard to their smartphone homescreens?

    Invite them to. You can send out a mass email to your prior clients and agent contacts, post "pinvites" to your social media channels, or tell your new clients to pin it.

    We also strongly suggest that you create half-sheet fliers that you can print and deliver to real estate offices all around your service area that introduces your LandscapeCard and provides the URL (web address) for them to access and pin it. We can create a terrific flyer for you for a nominal fee.

  • Is LandscapeCard a mobile app?

    No. LandscapeCard is a browser-based application that functions inside of a website browser. This allows it to be used on both PCs and mobile devices. There is nothing to download or install.

  • Can I edit content in my LandscapeCard?

    There are elements of your LandscapeCard that you can edit, but most of "complicated" stuff is done for you by out staff in order to preserve functionality and aesthetics. However, we can add additional pages to your LandscapeCard that you can edit.

  • Can I upload documents such as a PDF version of my corporate brochure, agreements, and other documents?

    If you need any documents uploaded, simply email them to us. It only takes seconds. We will display your documents in the Google Documents Viewer so that it looks professional.

  • Can I use my own online scheduling system inside my LandscapeCard?

    Yes. We can iframe any online scheduling system into your LandscapeCard or insert its JavaScript embed code (assuming these options are available from your scheduling service provider).

  • Can I customize forms in my LandscapeCard?

    Forms may be customized for a fee, but you cannot customize them on your own. The fee starts at $15 and increases based on the amount of customization required.

  • Can images and videos be included in discussion threads?

    Yes. You can add images and video by simply pasting the URL to the online image or YouTube video inside of a comment.

  • Does my LandscapeCard manage my contacts for me?

    No. We DO NOT want to reinvent the wheel. There are already dozens of terrific contact managers that have a proven track record. Keep using them. LandscapeCards are intended specifically to make it easier for consumers and real estate pros to do business with you rather than functioning as yet another contact manager.