How To Use LandscapeCard

Your LandscapeCard is designed for you to share with people so that they "pin" it to their smartphone homescreens. Everyone has a smartphone. They take their smartphones everywhere they go. LandscapeCard gives you the ability to be just "one tap" away should people need to refer someone to you or order business from you. It allows you to be available 24/7 to receive business, educate your customers, and provide an extreme level of customer service.


Send an invitational email to current clients, prior clients, real estate agents, builders, and anyone else who has the potential to hire you.

Write: Hi Mr. Smith,

This is Steve with Southern Lawn Care. I am using a new "virtual sales desk" service for my business that I would like for you to "pin" to your smartphone and tablet homescreens. It's called LandscapeCard. Should you ever need anything from Southern Lawn Care, I'll be just "one tap" away. It also allows you to learn lawn and gardening tips plus landscaping ideas. It also has a built-in social discussion community for fans of landscaping and gardening! It's free, so try it out!

It only take SECONDS to add me to your homescreen. Since it is a browser-based application, there is nothing to download or install, so it won't take up any memory on your phone.

Here is the direct link to my LandscapeCard.

Please share my LandscapeCard address (above) to your social media services, too. I would appreciate it very much!




Post this to your social media services such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, and industry-related message boards.

Write: Hi everyone! Here is my new LandscapeCard virtual desk. Open the link on your smartphone or table and pin it to your smartphone and tablet homescreens. It is not an "app", so there is nothing to download or install. My LandscapeCard will allow you to order services almost instantly. It also allows you to learn lawn and gardening tips plus landscaping ideas. It also has a built-in social discussion community for fans of landscaping and gardening! It's free, so try it out!

Please share my LandscapeCard address with your social media friends, too. I would appreciate it very much!


Use this strategy when you speaking to someone face-to-face.

Say: I'm going to send you a link to my LandscapeCard virtual desk. When you get it, then just follow the instructions to pin me to your smartphone homescreen. What's your mobile number or email address?

(Once the person gives you their telephone number and email address, then use the appropriate SHARE tools located within your LandscapeCard to send them the direct link to it.)


Use this strategy when you meet new people or to do a cold call at a house. Stuff it in every door you see that has a yard! Also, have your crew leaders hand one to every customer and other people they meet when travelling between accounts.

How: Take the LandscapeCard shareable flyer we provide you with and hand it out to everyone you know. If you are knocking on doors, then give one to the homeowner or business manager (if a commercial property). If nobody is home, then stuff the door with one. Remember, your LandscapeCard is something they can pin to their smartphone and tablet homescreens to be able to contact you at any time from anywhere. It is also a great way for them to subscribe to lawn and garden content.

*Your account includes this feature!

Frequently-Asked Questions

  • Some people don't know how to pin quick-launch icons to their homescreens. Are instructions available for them within my LandscapeCard web-app?

    Yes, there are instructions for multiple devices available from within your LandscapeCard.

  • Why can't I just have people like my Facebook business page and follow me there instead of using LandscapeCard?

    A Facebook business page is a different kind of product with a different intent. It is essentially a news feed system that allows you to author content that can be shared. It is intended to be shared with people who opt-in to receive your news and information. However, Facebook business pages are not ideal for processing new business. And though there are billions of Facebook accounts online, many of your "friends" and "followers" on Facebook may not even live in your area which means they would never hire you. Additionally, many people who have Facebook accounts don't use them on regular basis even if they are on your "friends" list.

    LandscapeCard is less of a social tool and more of a "virtual desk" that has the singular intent of functioning as a gateway for you receive new business. Whereas Facebook is filled with distractions and "noise" from hundreds of other people and businesses trying to push their thoughts and ideas on you all at the same time, LandscapeCard is strictly about you and your business. It simply makes it easier for people to do business with you.

  • How will I know how many people pin my LandscapeCard to their smartphones or tablets?

    Because it is freely-shareable, there is no way to tell exactly how many pinned it. However, you can tell how many unique visitors it receives from a counter that is built into your LandscapeCard.

  • Some of my contacts still don't use smartphones. How can they benefit from LandscapeCard?

    Even if your clients don't use smartphones, they can use it, and share it, from their desktop PCs.

  • How do I include LandscapeCard in my newsletters, brochures, and other online/offline documents?

    Your LandscapeCard can be found through its URL (web address). Just copy and paste it into your online/offline documents.

  • What happens to my LandscapeCard if I decide to stop using it after it has been pinned to dozens of smartphone homescreens?

    Your LandscapeCard account will be taken offline and replaced with a 'redirect message' of your choice.